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Country-Music on the Frequencies of Radio Herford.

Diese Seite gibt es auch auf deutsch.

Welcome to Country Folk!

Welcome to the English language pages of Country Folk. Our German language pages are currently being translated into English. If you select a page that has not been translated yet, you will get a copy of the German page instead.

In order to give you a better idea of our situation here in Germany, most English language pages are a straight translation of the German text, except where noted.

Due to the low usage of the English section, schedule changes are no longer regularly updated in this section. For this information please follow the links to the corresponding German page. Our playlists are fully accessible from the English section.

Country Folk is the country music programme hosted by Achim Biermann and Harald Brinkmann on the frequencies of Radio Herford as part of its public access segment. You can find further information about the programme by clicking on the items on the left of the page.

Country Folk online

Our programmes can also be heard online; even by listeners outside the range of Radio Herford! You can find them on the Country Folk-archive page of OWF Internet Radio (Pages are in German). Our play lists are available in the menu item »The Programme«.

Feedback Wanted!

Finally, you can, and are encouraged to contact Country Folk. All the details can be found under »The Programme-> Contact«. For general communication please use, the webmaster can be reached via

roadworks signA good web site is never complete, including ours. In particular not all pages have yet been translated from German into English. If you move to a page not yet translated, you will get a copy of the original German page instead.

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